So we have all woken up to a new world order! A world that has been leveled in more ways than one and where the universe designed its own OD interventions to humble us as humans and fill our hearts with gratitude for all that we took for granted. 
     Today we wish to inform you all of a historic announcement. Since 1986, the inception of IODA, we have always year-on-year held our annual conference and it has indeed been an enviable track record.
Whether man-made or an act of God, nothing deterred our spirits, we met, connected & united. We shared and we had some serious fun.
     A thundering round of applause to the relentless efforts and meticulous planning by ODWS Thailand, along with ODN, AODN is definitely merited. They have been committed to create a world-class experience and innovated to ensure the world conference 2020 is memorable.
Whenever you read this, please do raise your glass or just smile for a moment, with this team in your thoughts. Their wholehearted involvement is beyond imagination. 
     Your health, safety, mental equilibrium, financial resources, concerns about travel, emotional frame of mind during this shift are top of mind for us in this moment. Hence, the World Conference 2020 is being postponed to 2021.
A joint call taken by the IODA Committee and all the partner/ stake holders, keeping the well being and disposition of our members in these trying times and life post this crisis.
The new date will also be October 15 - 17, 2021. You will receive more details in the months to come.
We now empathize with the Olympic Committee and understand how complex such decisions are, yet when reasonableness prevails, the decisions are pretty obvious.
     For those who have paid the conference fees, you may request for a refund or you may continue to stay invested. The choice is entirely yours and you may decide on the same within the next weeks by getting in touch with the ODWS team.
     Indeed, we will stay connected and we look forward to your ideas and enthusiasm in identifying ways to reach out. We have all been through and are undergoing an unprecedented occurrence and we must build and rely on each others’ strengths, like we have never before. Washing/sanitizing our hands and folding our hands to pray has been preoccupying us. We need to hold each others hands virtually, in this era of social but not emotional distancing. We are there for each other and we deepen our solidarity for a longer period until we meet.
     Together we will rise through this challenge and seek ways to help and assist each other to stand together. There may be newer demands made on us and we must surrender some old habits.
Welcome the change. Being change & transformation experts, we must lead at these times and we hope that IODA will demonstrate its innate capacity to influence the new world. Praying that we all emerge physically, emotionally, financially, soulfully fit.


Executive Committee IODA
OD World Summit Team Bangkok

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